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Auction #215 - Part II
Item numbers 988 through 2613 in auction 215
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Item Description
9x12" pressbook w/16 pages issued by Fleischer Studios and Paramount Pictures to promote the series of 17 animated Technicolor cartoons produced by Fleischer Studios and released by Paramount Pictures. These cartoons marked Superman's first animated appearance. The pilot and first eight shorts were produced by Fleischer Studios from 1941 to 1942, while the final eight were produced by Famous Studios, a successor company to Fleischer, from 1942 to 1943. As far as pressbooks go, this one is loaded w/great content, showcasing various promotional tie-ins w/newspaper, comic books, "Supermen Club," radio, contests, merchandising, exploitations, accessories and publicity. Of note, pressbook includes "Superman" daily strip reprint, giveaway premiums including a waterproof "Pliofilm" hat, "Superman Magic Square," lollipops, balloons and a figural bronze Superman pin. A list of products/licensees include - Superman Doll by Ideal, Monarch Brush Company, New Haven watches and clocks, American Toy Works paint sets (see item #2112), Decca record, Paramount Pen/Pencil sets, Superman Bread, Daisy "Krypto-Raygun Cinematic Picture Gun", Milton Bradley, Marx Turnover Plane wind-up (see item #2106), Saalfield puzzles (see item #2111), Superman play suits and clothing, Valentines (see item #2119), Leader Novelty Candy Co. Penny Box Candy And Surprise (see item #2463) and more. Radio stations airing the "Superman" radio show are also listed. The "Supermen Of America Club" is featured on two-page spread, showing membership pin, certificate and "Secret Code" as well as ad featuring various DC Comics titles. A "National Superboy And Supergirl Contest" is mentioned, w/image of boy and girl in Superman shirts holding trophies. Local newspaper dealers carrying Superman are listed by state. Two-page spread shows a number of DC Comics, including "All-Flash" #2, "Green Lantern" #1, "Detective Comics" #58, "More Fun Comics" #74, "All Star Comics" #8, "Batman" #8, "Superman" #13, "World's Finest Comics" #3, "Action Comics" #43 and others w/"Now He's The Greatest Star Of The Screen - Superman Is In the Movies" promotional text w/image of Superman bursting through screen. Pressbook goes on to feature promotional newspaper style snippets and great ad mat section showing one-sheet poster, standee and various ads for movie theater display. Inside back cover has sleeve for "The Synopses Of The 12 Issues Of The Superman Series Which Will Be Sent To You Regularly" though this pressbook is w/o any such synopses. Back cover lists "Paramount Feature Shorts" including "Superman, Popeye" and Fleischer "The Raven" cartoon among other newsreels. Trace of staple oxidation and thin sliver of oxidation at upper left of front cover but still bright and clean. VF overall. Very impressive and one of the rarest and most sought after pressbooks. First we've offered in our 48 years and one of only a few known examples. Franco Toscanini Collection.
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