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How To Bid
  1. Read the Terms of Sale and Auction Closing Procedure before bidding. Closing times may change during bidding, so it is important that you are familiar with our closing procedure.

  2. To place a bid go to the homepage, click on one of the categories or use the search features to find your interest. If an item has not received its opening bid, you may bid that amount or any higher amount. If the item already has an opening bid, the screen will show the next acceptable bid (10% above the current bid amount up to $99,999, 5% bid increments $100,000 to $499,999 and 2.5% bid increments $500,000 and up). You may also call us at 866-404-9800 to place bids by phone if you prefer.

  3. For each item, you may enter the lowest acceptable bid OR you may enter your confidential MAXIMUM bid. A MAXIMUM bid may be any amount. If you enter your maximum bid, it will be executed at the lowest amount possible, but if you are outbid, Hake's will bid on your behalf as needed, to keep you as the high bidder up to the maximum amount you specify. An email will be sent if your maximum is exceeded.

  4. Invoices are emailed to all bidders no later than the Saturday following the close of the auction. Telephone inquiries about winning bids cannot be answered until Monday. However, winning bids and along with a list of unsold auction items still available, are on our website usually by 6:00 PM of Thursday's closing day.

  5. We ship in the order paid—first in, first out. Thus, we begin charging orders as instructed by customers immediately following the close of the auction and continue to fill orders as they are paid. Without exception, all special requests for “Rush Delivery” will incur a charge of $20.00 plus any additional shipping fee associated with the expedited shipment. Overall, our goal is to ship all orders within 15 business days of payment. Allow four weeks from the day you send payment before calling to check on the status of your order.