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Thursday, January 21, 2010 12:00:00 PM (20 Minute Clock Begins At Thursday, January 21, 2010 12:00:00 PM)
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Auction #199 - Part II
Item numbers 973 through 2378 in auction 199
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L - $2,000 to $5,000 Help Icon
Item Description
This ring design was used as a 1936 Cream of Wheat and newspaper premium. Within the Buck Rogers Club literature, the ring is known not only as the “Repeller Ray Ring” but also as the “Supreme Inner Circle Ring.” Side panels each have tiny star accent and text “Buck Rogers Solar Scouts.” Ring top depicts Buck in his rocketship with arm raised holding a rocket pistol. He is surrounded by 5 tiny star accents and on the right is a partial image of a cratered moon with 4 accent lines emanating from it. The ring sent to club members contains an emerald green faceted stone set into the side of the rocketship. This example is from the estate of Rick Yager, the artist and later both artist and writer of the Buck Rogers comic strip. Apparently, the ring maker created this personally for Yager, likely to honor his exulted position in the “Supreme Inner Circle” of the club, using a ruby color faceted stone. Viewed microscopically, there is a hairline of some type of clear fixative securing the stone into its recessed setting as we've seen to varying degrees on rings with green stones. The luster on the ring displays Mint but technically condition overall is N. Mint as a few tiny dots of luster are off the front right corner, although showing only with magnification. The ring comes with a Notarized Declaration from Yager’s son, John Yager. His signed, dated and notarized statement includes a color photo of this ring printed over a light photographic image of him as a young boy, wearing his Hopalong Cassidy sweater and seated in his father’s lap and looking up at him. The Declaration reads “I, JOHN YAGER, Declare As Follows: My Father, Rick Yager, Who Drew, Then Later Both Wrote And Drew, The Internationally Syndicated Comic Strip Buck Rogers Starting In 1932 And Continuing Until 1958, Had This Buck Rogers Solar Scouts Ring In His Possession When He Passed Away In 1995. To My Knowledge It Has Never Been Worn, And I Have No Reason To Believe That This Ring Wasn’t In My Father’s Possession From The Time Of Its Manufacture. He Was A Great Artist And Storyteller, The Greatest Of Fathers, And The Only True Genius I Have Ever Known.” The Declaration was signed before a Los Angeles County notary in September, 2009. A unique ring from the unique creative talent which was the inspiration for the Buck Rogers comic strip for many years.
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