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Thursday, September 10, 2009 1:10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
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Auction #198 Part I
Item numbers 1-499 in auction 198
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L - $2000 to $5000
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14x30.25" quality frame contains original pen and ink art that has been matted to 6.25x22.5". The Shmoo debuted on Aug. 31, 1948. Art is for Sep. 1, 1948 daily strip that featured the second appearance of the lovable and useful Shmoo characters in "The Valley Of The Shmoon." ©1948 United Feature Syndicate, Inc. paste-over at bottom of last of 4 panels. Strip features Abner and Ol' Man Mose, Ol' Man Mose explaining the uses of Shmoos, stating "...They Lays Aigs At Th' Slightest Excuse!! They Also Gives Milk!! - And, As Fo' Meat, Broiled They Makes Th' Finest Steaks - Fried - They Come Out Th' Yummiest Chicken, An' All White Meat, Mind Yo'!!..." Countless Shmoos are seen. As strip originally appeared in Sep., 1948, the first panel has dialog between Abner and Ol' Man Mose that read "?!! - So Thar's Billions Of Shmoos??" from Abner, to which Ol' Man Mose replies "O' Course, Stupid!! They've Existed Here, In 'The Valley Of The Shmoon' Since Th' Dawn Of Time!!" This panel was later changed in a Simon & Shuster book reprint and now reads "They've Existed Hyar, In 'The Valley Of The Shmoon,' Since Th' Dawn Of Time!!" The reprint also edited out Abner's response to Ol' Man Mose in the last panel, though in this panel his response remains as originally scripted and was never removed/altered like the first panel was. Some lt. scattered aging, but art remains Exc. An important piece of comic history, and a great early eample of one of the most enduring Li'L Abner characters - the Shmoo.
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