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$575.00 (Includes 15% Buyer's Premium)
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Thursday, November 12, 2015 12:00:00 PM (20 Minute Clock Begins At Thursday, November 12, 2015 12:00:00 PM)
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Auction #216 - Part II
Item numbers 978 through 2735 in auction 216
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J - $700 to $1,000 Help Icon
Item Description
10.75x16.25" thin artboard has original pen and ink original art for page four of Sept., 1968 issue of DC Comics' "Green Lantern." Page features six panels, showing Earth's Green Lantern Hal Jordan transported to alien planet in first panel and changing from his civilian clothing into his Green Lantern uniform, noting it protects him from "Mortal Harm," only to be attacked by carnivorous plant in second panel. Jordan notes some familiarity w/the setting in third panel, realizing he needs help. In fourth panel he sends out SOS to other Green Lanterns (w/helpful Editor's Note reading "There Are Dozens OF Emerald Crusaders Throughout The Universe, Delegated By The Guardians To Maintain Law And Justice!"). Fifth panels shows Jordan's SOSs as tiny rocket flying through space, only for them to return to his power ring (seen in close-up) in last panel, leading Jordan to assume that his fellow Green Lanterns have vanished. Jordan is featured in all but one panel. Art was for "This Is The Way The World Ends" storyline written by Dennis O'Neal w/art by artist Jack Sparling w/inks by Sid Greene. Handwritten title at top along w/handwritten issue/page number and month in black felt tip pen. Continuation strip paste-over at bottom right. Top/bottom corners each have single hole-punch and lower right corner has tiny corner clip. None of these issues affect art, which remains clean and Exc. Great Silver Age Green Lantern art.
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