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Auction #215 - Part I
Item numbers 1 through 987 in auction 215
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The Yippie movement grew out of a meeting December 31, 1967 and was formed by Abbie and Anita Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Nancy Kurshan and Paul Krassner. They organized the Festival of Life during the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago and ran a pig for president that year. In 1976, their candidate was “Nobody.” Their flag was often evident at anti-war demonstrations and consists of a five-pointed red star with a green cannabis leaf superimposed. This design is on the first 1.5” litho button c. 1976. The next button is 1.5” cello with slogan “Stop 1984 In 1976” plus dates for the Democratic and GOP conventions in NYC and Kansas City where the Yippies protested. Next is 2-1/8” rare Badge-A-Minit button “Elect NOBODY in ‘76” followed by 1.75” “Nobody For President/National Weed.” Next is 1.75” which was advertised in the March, 1978 issue of Yipster Times and issued for the “10th Anniversary/ Festival of Life/Chicago/ Aug 26-27” referring to the 1968 Chicago demonstrations at the Democratic convention. Last is a rare “Yippie!” button from 1978. It has cartoon of a pie flying towards the face of Ohio Governor Jim Rhodes with text “Let 1000 Pies Fly/ Gym Rhodes Aug. 14-15, ’78.” The event took place at the opening of the Ohio State Fair. The pie thrower was Steven Conliff, an important leader of the Yippies’ second wave. He and others were protesting Rhodes’ decisions that led to the Kent State shooting in 1970. All items are NM to Mint. Marshall Levin Collection. Comes with Hake’s COA.
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