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Auction #210 - Part I
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Sea Scorpions, or Eurypterids, are an extinct group of arthropods. Offered here is an example of the genus Eurypterus remipes. There are fifteen species belonging to the genus Eurypterus of which Eurypterus remipes is one. They existed during the Silurian Period, from around 432 to 418 million years ago. Members of Eurypterus averaged at about 5" to 9" in length, w/the largest individual discovered being 4.3' long. They all possessed spine-bearing appendages and large paddles they used for swimming. They were equally likely to engage in predation or scavenging. Plate measures 7.5x11.75x1.25" deep and contains 7" long Eurypterus remipes fossil. The specimen was excavated from the Phelps Formation in New York State. Wonderfully preserved, w/individual body segments clearly visible as well as well-defined tail and paddles. Wonderful display. From the Robert M. Overstreet Collection and comes with COA.
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