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$2,300.00 (Includes 15% Buyer's Premium)
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Thursday, March 22, 2012 1:10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
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Auction #205 - Part II
Item numbers 1427 through 3167 in auction 205
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L - $2000 to $5000
Item Description
14 sheets, each 8.5x13-7/8" typewritten on front for show which aired January 20, 1933. WXYZ radio station owner George Trendle ran this pilot show during the regularly scheduled "Man Hunter" series to attract potential sponsors and advertisers. There is no "Hi-Yo Silver" in this script, no mention of a mask, nor Tonto. "George Stenius" who later became "George Seaton" played the Lone Ranger and John Todd (who would later become Tonto) played the part of the sheriff. The Lone Ranger is something of a vigilante with a maniacal laugh but he does use silver bullets. Instead of saying "Hi-Yo Silver" he says "Come Along Silver...That's The Boy. Hi Yi!" with a hearty laugh. Closing paragraph includes text "Might As Well Try And Catch The Wind, As This Phantom Rider Of The Plains. The Lone Ranger Has Gone Off Into The Night, Not To Be Seen Again, Until He Finds Another Occasion To Take Into His Own Hands The Law Of The West. This Is One Of A Series Of Stories Of The Lone Ranger, And His Horse, Silver. These Stories Are Presented By The Jewell Players, Directed By James Jewell And Come To You Over Your Station, WXYZ, With Studios In The Maccabees Building, Detroit." Top sheet has paper clip impression at upper left, a few pages have pencil notes and appears to have been the sound effects man's copy as no dialogue is underlined, but thunder and other sounds are emphasized. Only a handful of these scripts were made, one for each of the cast, the director, the announcer, and the sound effects man. After this script was re-worked per George Trendle's instructions, it was officially broadcast as the second Lone Ranger show which aired live February 2, 1933. This script came directly from the show's first director, producer and writer James Jewell via a Chicago book seller and our consignor. A truly historic and unique item for any Lone Ranger collector or fan of early radio.
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