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$86.25 (Includes 15% Buyer's Premium)
Bidding Ended:
Thursday, March 22, 2012 1:10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
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Auction #205 - Part II
Item numbers 1427 through 3167 in auction 205
Value Code:
G - $100 to $200
Item Description
Innocent looking cardboard boxes range in size from .75x1-3/8x3" tall to 5-1/8x5-1/8x2.25" deep. First is "Venus Salt and Pepper Shakers" No.612 copyright 1948 H. Fishlove. Lid has image of Venus de Milo statue with text "Gay! Practical! Amusing!" Contains 3.75" tall plastic set, one in black and one in white, with holes in nipples for dispensing. Next two items are 1950s. First has box titled "Bachelors Door Knob For The Man Who Wants Everything" with image of woman. Contains pink tinted foam rubber breasts attached to piece of embroidered lace. Maker unknown. Next is "Sportsman's Trophy/An Award Of Merit For A Real Sport" copyright Panoramic Sales with lid graphics of people playing sports. Contains die-cut cardboard plaque titled "Sportsman's Award" with attached vinyl topless woman. Next box is titled "Hole In One Golf Tees/You'll Never Forget To Keep Your Head Down Again!" with image of golfer looking at ball. Copyright 1980 Spencer Gifts. Foam insert holds three golf tees which are stuck through the rear end portion of three plastic ladies' legs. Fifth item is "Magnetic Liberated Woman" copyright 1974 Hollywood Creations. Contains 3" plastic pair with man at the ready facing naked woman. Boxes have lt. scattered wear with some dust soil here and there. Fine. Contents are Exc. Well done and humorous.
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