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$1,883.44 (Includes 15% Buyer's Premium)
Bidding Ended:
Thursday, December 4, 2008 12:10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
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Auction #196 - Part II
Item numbers 976 though 2670 in auction 196
Value Code:
J/K - $700 to $2000
Item Description
14x15x40" high original box contains this classic toy that was introduced in late 1963 for one Christmas season only and limited numbers were produced. Toy has an overall size of 10.5x13x37" tall. Elaborate design and detail. Complete with a pair of original red light bulb eyes, however battery box has lt. corrosion so these do not work. Top of head has scanner scope with sight crosshairs. Right arm has working spring mechanism which opens and closes hands so objects can be picked up. Designed with a hand-cranked voice box although most of what he says is garbled. Only a few words can be picked out. Designed with rocket-firing launcher in his base which still has one rocket. There is an additional ball-launching function. We have one ball but don't believe the launching system works. Also has the Sonic Signal hard plastic whistle mentioned on the box. Back of body has Morse Code sticker although it appears part of the Morse Code clicking mechanism is no longer here. Toy was designed with a spring inside that when he pivots at the waist this would facilitate his lifting up again. This is no longer working although he stands up in place fine and can still be pivoted up and down manually. There are no broken or cracked areas and aside from bit of light application of gold paint around his neck as produced, still displays VF/Exc. Beautiful box with great graphics has 3 different scenes. Front and back panel match but other 2 sides have totally different graphics. Front Big Loo side in Exc. condition. Back Big Loo has a few bunched up stress areas to the one side although not offensive. Side that shows all functions has a few lt. crease, o/w Exc. and side which says "Your Friend From The Moon" has one long light crease but also displays Exc. Box is extremely rare as most of these large toy boxes soon ended up thrown out or in rough condition. Overall box grades Exc. A great opportunity to acquire a nice Big Loo with extremely scarce Exc. condition box.
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