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Item Description
Presented here is what we believe to be the finest surviving example of Negro League Baseball advertising ever produced. Measuring an impressive 22" x 28" and printed on cardboard by "Exhibitors Program Co. Pittsburgh, Pa.", all eight teams from the 1935 season of the Negro National League are represented, including the team many consider to be the finest baseball club of all-time, black or white, the 1935 Pittsburgh Crawfords. Six of the eight NL teams feature composite photographs showing players in uniform (mostly portrait shots but some larger and/or full figure): Homestead Grays, Pittsburgh Crawfords, Chicago American Giants, Brooklyn Eagles, New York Cubans, and the Nashville/Columbus Elite Giants. The other two teams, the Philadelphia Stars and Newark Dodgers, are represented in name only. "Stars" text also notes "1934 Champions", commemorating their league title from the previous season. Center area of broadside is blank below text "Nashville Elite Giants Versus" so game specific information could be added for the scheduled event.

Posters of this era rarely featured player images, let alone full teams, making this broadside all the more remarkable. This is a virtual who's who of Negro League stars of this time period and a truly unique design for a Negro League piece of any era. Among the 35 Negro League Baseball greats enshrined at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, a staggering total of 15 members are pictured on this one incredible piece: Willie Foster, Mule Suttles, Turkey Stearnes, Willie Wells, Cumberland Posey, Buck Leonard, Raymond Brown, Leon Day, Ben Taylor, Martin Dihigo, Oscar Charleston, Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, Cool Papa Bell and Judy Johnson. Additionally, this amazing relic represents the earliest known baseball collectible for three of these HOF'ers: Buck Leonard, Raymond Brown and Leon Day.

While we have been able to positively identify all 15 baseball HOF members mentioned above, there are over 100 Negro League ballplayers pictured and the task of identifying every individual would be daunting, if not impossible. Rather than attempting to do that, we are providing documented team rosters for all six of the 1935 Negro League ball clubs pictured as follows:

Pittsburgh Crawfords - Oscar Charleston, Judy Johnson, Satchel Paige, Cool Papa Bell, Josh Gibson, Pat Patterson, Chester Williams, Jimmie Crutchfield, Sam Bankhead, Bill Perkins, Jelly Jackson, Leroy Matlock, Roosevelt Davis, Bertram Hunter, Bill Harvey, Sam Streeter, Spoon Carter, William Bell, Harry Kincannon.

Chicago American Giants - Mule Suttles, Willie Wells, Turkey Stearnes, Willie Foster, Dave Malarcher, Alex Radcliff, Frog Redus, Steel Arm Davis, Larry Brown, Quincy Trouppe, Ted Trent, Sug Cornelius, Putt Powell, Ossie Brown, Luther McDonald.

Homestead Grays - Cumberland Posey, Buck Leonard, Ray Brown, Lick Carlisle, Jelly Jackson, George Scales, Jerry Benjamin, Vic Harris, Buddy Burbage, Tommy Dukes, Willie Gisentaner, Joe Strong, Tom Parker, Louis Dula, C.D. Mosely, Tex Burnett. Harry Williams.

New York Cubans - Martin Dihigo, Lazaro Salazar, Dick Lundy, Rabbit Martinez, Luis Arango, Alejandro Oms, Rap Dixon, Clyde Spearman, Frank Duncan, Showboat Thomas, Luis Tiant, Johnny Taylor, Neck Stanley, Rudolfo Fernandez, Cocaina Garcia, Frank Blake, Yo-Yo Diaz, Ramon Bragana, Bill Yancey, Cando Lopez.

Brooklyn Eagles - Ben Taylor, Leon Day, George Giles, Jose Perez, Bill Yancey, Harry Williams, Fats Jenkins, Rap Dixon, Ed Stone, Spoony Palm, Bob Griffith, Ted Radcliffe, Elbert Williams, Terris McDuffie, Otis Starks, Bill Nicholas.

Nashville/Columbus Elite Giants - Candy Jim Taylor, Jim West, Sammy Hughes, Leroy Morney, Felton Snow, Wild Bill Wright, Red Parnell, Zolly Wright, Nish Williams, Bill Byrd, Tommy Dukes, Speedball Willis, Bob Griffith, Pullman Porter, Red Wright, Sad Sam Thompson, Tom Glover.
As to condition, there is moderate scattered wear and aging overall. Some age toning. Corner tip wear and softness. Top third has some very lt. and scattered crease lines really only noticeable in reflected light. Lower right margin has a pair of .5" tears. All is noted for complete accuracy, but nothing greatly affects appearance and broadside still presents as an exceptional example. Perhaps the finest remaining example of just a few that are known to exist. Fine/VF.

In addition to the previously noted 15 Cooperstown inductees, there are a number of other Negro League superstars pictured here, most notably: Dick Lundy, Alejandro Oms, Rap Dixon and Candy Jim Taylor. With a new list of Negro League Hall of Fame candidates expected to be released sometime next year, this piece will have even more investment potential should a couple of new members pictured here be selected.

This piece is a must have for any Negro League or historic baseball collection, and if you only have need for one such piece, this broadside has it all.
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