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Auction #224 - Part 2
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Item Description
"Marvels" is a four-issue limited series comic book written by Kurt Busiek and painted by Alex Ross. Published by Marvel Comics in 1994, the series examines the Marvel Universe and all the superheroes and supervillains within from the perspective of an Everyman character, news photographer Phil Sheldon. Offered here is Ross's painted gouache over pencil original art for "Marvels" #4, page 41. 12.75x20" sheet of art paper w/glossy paper backing has six panels, featuring Sheldon's assistant Marcia holding up some of his photos for possible inclusion in his next book. Sheldon is not overly interested as he is contemplating the seemingly meaningless death of Gwen Stacy earlier in the issue. Marcia holds up a great action shot of Black Panther stopping a bank robbery in first panel. Second panel shows Sheldon looking over several photographs, including a Black Panther shot, Spider-Man fighting The Rhino and The Lizard scaling a wall. Other photographs can be partially seen, including Spider-Man villains Sandman and The Beetle. Third panel features Marcia looking at Sheldon's front page photo of The Incredible Hulk reaching towards him. Middle of page has close-up image of "Time" magazine on file cabinet w/cover featuring Scarlet Witch and The Vision about to embrace w/flame behind them and hand-lettered "The Vision And The Scarlet Witch - Why Does Their Romance Have Some Seeing Red?" headline. Second to last panel shows close-up of radio (which broadcasts announcement of stolen Stark space shuttle in final printed form). Last panel features Marcie holding up picture of Franklin Richards' christening (not shown as we only see back of photo) for Sheldon to look at. Lower right margin has penciled page number and margins show trace dust soiling. Art remains bright, clean and Exc. Any original art by Ross from "Marvels" is highly sought after, and this is a nice example featuring an impressive assortment Marvel characters.
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