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Auction #224 - Part 2
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Item Description
16.25x22.5" on very thin paper. Poster advertises concerts featuring "The Mothers Of Invention" for "4 Nights Only" on "Nov. 23, 24, 25, 26" at "Balloon Farm 23 Saint Marks Place." Poster is designed in the unique psychedelic style seen on early Mothers material and includes multiple photos of the band and text "Believe It Or Don't! But You'll Blow Your Mind When The West Coast's Mothers Of Invention Make You Freak Out!" and "The West Coast Experimental Pop Art Band." These posters were wheat pasted to walls in the East Village during the winter of 1966 to promote the first ever NYC appearances of Frank Zappa's band The Mothers Of Invention. The present example still has residue of this pasting on the reverse and was peeled from a wall by the consignor in the week before these legendary concerts. Two vertical tears; a 7" at bottom center and an 11" at top center. Heavy handling including wrinkles, pin holes in corners and tiny edge chips. Just Good. The thin paper has age toning and through brittle remains stable and complete. This piece will benefit greatly from a trip to a paper conservator. Zappa and the Mothers had only recently released their first album "Freak Out" and the success of these shows saw the band held over for another month past the initial Thanksgiving weekend performances. Speaking to New York Times reviewer Robert Shelton Zappa stated "I Am Trying To Use The Weapons Of A Disoriented And Unhappy Society Against Itself. The Mothers Of Invention Are Designed To Come In The Back Door And Kill You While You're Sleeping." While it's possible another example of this important and historic poster was peeled and saved given the heavy snow seen at the time combined w/the delicate nature of the onion skin paper it seems unlikely. The only other artifact of these appearances that we have encountered over the last 50 years is a handbill and it on only two occasions. This poster is an amazing survivor and a truly exceptional piece of Zappa, New York City and rock 'n roll history.
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