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Item Description
1.25". Unlisted in DeWitt and Hake. Features portrait at center with text "Blaine And Protection 1892." Reverse reads "American Tin Plate Made By Norton Bros. Chicago" and retains the original safety pin. Button is constructed much like the celluloids which followed in 1896. This is the mate to the classic Harrison (see preceding item) considered by many to be the first political button. This piece was most likely produced for the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, MN. Blaine had resigned as Harrison's Secretary of State on the eve of the convention and his name was submitted on the first ballot by the delegates. While he was able to garner 182 votes he fell short of Harrison's 535. Blaine's candidacy was pushed in part due to the tremendous congressional defeats suffered by Republicans in 1890. Though Harrison was able to remain the nominee he would lose the fall election. Paint loss on the extreme edge of the rim between 12 and 1 o'clock and 4 and 7 o'clock. Also several scattered tiny gray dots in the field and a less than 1/16" dot of missing paint just right of the portrait. While the Harrison is scarce this Blaine example was unknown until its recent discovery 124 years after its production. To illustrate this fact we conducted an informal survey at two regional APIC shows with several of the most advanced collectors of campaign items reacting with double takes, surprised looks, wide grins and all concurring they had never seen an example. This is very likely a once in a lifetime opportunity.
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