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Michael Lartigaut started collecting in 1976 while living in the Upper Eastside of Manhattan. At the time he enjoyed walking around and seeing what treasures were on display in store windows. The piece that started his collecting journey was one of the classic Remco Beatles dolls. A strong interest in music helped drive his collecting, often finding himself drawn to music-related items. Specifically, Beatles items.

When asked if he had any favorites in his collection, Lartigaut replied “Thats like asking a parent who their favorite child is, it's absolutely impossible to answer. Every piece holds a special place in my heart with its own story of how I acquired it. With that said, a particular Beatles record player really holds a special place in my heart”. 

As represented by the items offered in this auction, Lartigaut has a keen eye for condition. Many high-grade examples populate his collection. “It really began with just trying to collect what I considered to be the greatest pieces of my generation. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion and then soon an addiction, finding the best examples to preserve them for future generations and collectors.” He also focused on extremely exclusive items or one-of-a-kind prototypes. Knowing that the things he loved held some value also didn’t hurt. 

Now that Lartigaut has made his amazing collection available, his hopes for the next generation of collectors is that they just keep the hobby going. “So much of modern pop culture history is told through these items we collect. I really do hope future generations continue to appreciate these pieces and pass them along.” The items being offered here tell part of the history of the 20th Century – the fun part.

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