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Tarbosaurus is a genus of tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur that flourished in Asia about 70 million years ago, at the end of the Late Cretaceous Period. Fossils have been recovered in Mongolia, w/more fragmentary remains found further afield in parts of China. Some experts see this species as an Asian representative of the North American genus Tyrannosaurus and like most known tyrannosaurids, Tarbosaurus was a large bipedal predator, weighing up to five tons and equipped w/about 60 large teeth. It had a unique locking mechanism in its lower jaw and the smallest forelimbs relative to body size of all tyrannosaurids, renowned for their disproportionately tiny, two-fingered forelimbs. Offered here is a life-size lightweight resin casting of a Tarbosaurus skull, measuring 16" wide by 23" tall by 36" long. Jaw is separate as cast and casting comes w/custom metal display stand allowing for skull to be displayed accurately. Some lt. scattered wear to raised areas, but still makes for an Exc. display. Due to size and/or weight of this lot, shipping charges may be substantial. Please contact us w/any shipping inquiries prior to close of auction.
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