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Auction #210 - Part II
Item numbers 1271 through 3109 in auction 210
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Item Description
The MAXx FX action figure line was a proposed series of fully articulated base figures, capable of assuming a multitude of fantastic identities through special snap-on make-up appliances and costumes which would change MAXx's appearance as well as his size from character to character. The concept was developed by famed toy creator, Mel Birnkrant. The toy's storyline depicted MAXx as a sort of superhero whose disguises enabled him to take on both the appearance and abilities of the character that each make-up represented. For the original presentation, Birnkrant created prototype figures for MAXx FX himself, as well as a Werewolf, Jason Vorhees, Mummy, Freddy Krueger, Swamp Creature, Caveman and Dr. MAD FX's robot henchman, Ultra FX. The character heads/body appliances were created using Super Sculpy while the bodies were adapted from GI Joe figures w/new heads (also made of Super Sculpy). A jacket borrowed from a Ken doll became MAXx's Hollywood wardrobe while the most of the other outfits/costumes were made by Birnkrant, while Freddy Krueger's striped sweater was knitted in England by Birnkrant's mother-in-law. Other clothing was adapted from GI Joes and Ken dolls. Liquitex acrylics and bits and pieces of fake fur provided the final touches. In 1989, a deal was struck w/Matchbox Toys, w/the initial proposed line assortment consisting of Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, The Mummy, a Werewolf, The Creature From The Black Lagoon and the H.R. Giger-designed Alien from the 1979 sci-fi film. The line was to be produced using an actual 9" tall Mego figure (of which a large quantity had been found in a warehouse). Birnkrant was commissioned to create additional figures - Frankenstein, Dracula and Geiger's Alien - to fit the smaller scale. These prototypes were produced by the Matchbox design department to adapt Birnkrant's original 11" scale Super Sculpy versions to the 9" production plastic bodies w/all of the costume parts in hand-cast resin w/some having additional hair. Each head and snap-on appliance was made by hand and hand-painted. These prototypes represent the finalized form, in which the action figures were to actually appear in production. The initial presentation was pared down to Frankenstein, a re-designed Dracula, Alien and Freddy Krueger, w/the other figures to follow later. Freddy was the first and only figure to be released. When the line was purchased by Matchbox, those in the company were unfamiliar w/both Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. This resulted in their prototypes being returned to Birnkrant. When the line was previewed to buyers, many remarked on Freddy's popularity and asked why he was not included. In response, Matchbox asked for Freddy back and made him the line's lead figure. They seized on Freddy's popularity and produced as talking Freddy Krueger doll. This doll met w/outrage from parents and activists and was discontinued. As it featured a similar appearance as the MAXx FX figure, Matchbox and toy buyer's alike were unable to distinguish the difference between the doll and MAXx FX, the MAXx FX figure was pulled from shelves as well, effectively ending the short-lived toyline, w/the Freddy Kruger figure being the only one released for this promising toy line, a line that has been referred to as "Finest Action Figure Line That Never Was." Offered here is the original prototype figure for the Freddy Krueger figure. It was constructed on a 9.5" tall Mego body w/sculpted MAXx FX head, hands, boots, two-piece mask and separate hat. Also comes w/a screen-printed striped sweater as opposed to the knit sweater that was issued w/the actual figure. Figure also comes w/street clothes outfit for MAXx FX and extra pair of vinyl shoes. Unfortunately, Freddy's iconic bladed glove is not included, but the figure does come w/an extra left hand, which can be placed on the figure's right hand for display. Base head shows a few small spots of paint wear and tiny tab on side of Freddy mask at neck is broken off, but this is not visible when in place as hidden by sweater collar. When full figure accessories are in place, figure displays Exc. Comes w/complete boxed example of the final production figure in its 14x14.25x2-3/8" deep window display box. The prototype figure offered in this lot is the actual photo example used on the back of the box. Box shows lt. handling wear and original store price sticker remains on side panel. VF w/contents Mint as factory sealed. From the Mel Birnkrant Collection and comes with COA.
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