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Auction #195-Part II
Items 994-2570 in Auction 195
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Item Description
Large and elaborate 21.5x39" frame contains professionally double-mounted original pen and ink artwork in approximately 6x23.5" opening.  4-panel strip is for Jan. 29, 1930 and features art by Ub Iwerks, an Academy Award-winning cartoonist, one of Walt Disney's closest friends and a partner in the Walt Disney Studio.  Ub and Walt created Oswald the Rabbit in 1927, and the next year Ub played a vital part in the creation of Mickey Mouse.  Iwerks only drew the first 18 Mickey Mouse daily strips.  After these 18 pieces were drawn, it was sent to William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper magnate and man responsible for launching Mickey's success.  It was Hearst's approval of a Mickey daily strip that helped launch the vehicle that secured the character's longevity.  If not for this strip and the reach of Hearst's empire, America might not have become so enamored with the lovable mouse.  The first of the Iwerks strip ran January 13, 1930, after Iwerks had left Disney to form his own company.  As the daily strip made its way into American homes day after day, Mickey's popularity soared, leading to the Mickey Mouse product line and the rest is history.  In this daily strip, Mickey spies a large bird sleeping on log with word balloon reading "Oh, Boy!!! There's Breakfast, Dinner And Lunch All In One Piece!!"  Second panel shows Mickey taking aim with word balloon reading "Ready! Aim -"
and third panel features large "Bang" explosion from end of gun as Mickey says "Fire!!!" and feathers fly.  Last panel reveals a stunned Mickey holding ruined gun as once large bird is revealed to be scrawny without his many feathers.  This gag was based on a gag in Oswald cartoon "Africa Before Dark" recycled here for Mickey.  While art is by Iwerks, strip was written by Walt Disney, who has signed his name in ink at lower right-hand corner. The art itself was inked by Win Smith (later artist of the Looney Tunes "Bosko" daily strip as well as one of the first Bugs Bunny comic book stories in 1941).  Second panel has King Features Syndicate Inc. paste-over.  Third panel has number "15" at left-hand corner signifying this is the 15th strip in sequence.  Tiny 1/8" spot of staining on Mickey's hand in second panel and .5" smudge below Mickey in third panel.  Strip has overall even aging but art remains Exc.  One of only four known pieces of Ub Iwerks Mickey Mouse daily strip art in existence.  Walt's signature reflects the style used by Disney from the late 1920s through the mid 1930s, indicating it was signed shortly after the strip's art was completed. Certainly among the most desirable original Mickey Mouse art, complete with Walt Disney's signature!  Beautiful display.  Comes with Hake's COA.
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