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Auction #234 Session II
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Item Description
10.5x15.75" comic artboard has pencil original art by John Byrne and inks by Dan Green. Published by Marvel November 1979. Art is for Avengers #189 page 14 from the story "Wings And Arrows" by Roger Stern et al. The story begins with the team coming back from the events of King-Size Annual #9 where the Avengers battle Arsenal and the the ever intruding National Security Council official Henry Peter Gyrich shakes up the Avengers active duty roster which kicks Hawkeye to the curb in favor of the Falcon. An embittered Hawkeye seeks other employment via a want ad in the newpaper and ends up in the security office at Cross Technological Enterprises. The seven panel page illustrates the arrival of Hawkeye in K.H. Keeshan's office. First six panels detail Mr. Keeshan's arrival and extensive security checks only to find a costumed Hawkeye with his feet propped up on his desk in the last panel. The rest of the story becomes a Hawkeye solo story where he gets in a battle with Deathbird (fourth appearance) who is attempting to steal from CTE and is captured by Hawkeye and humiliated with a parting kiss from the archer. Top left panel is a cut-in w/tape on reverse. In panel six there is a cut-in of K.H. Keeshan on security panel. Marvel ©1979 stamp on back and $40 text in red pen. Lt. aging/handling wear, scattered tan stains on page. White out on left bottom edge and signed by John Byrne at right. Great example of John Byrne's art in his Avengers run. Overall VF.
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