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Auction #224 - Part 2
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Item Description
"Gordo" was a comic strip written and drawn by Mexican-American artist Gus Arriola (1917-2008) that introduced many Americans to Mexican culture. The strip ran from November 24, 1941 to March 2, 1985, appearing in 270 newspapers at the height of its popularity. One of Arriola's trademarks was to use a comic pseudonym for many of his Sunday pages, often a phonetic pun of a recognizable words or a phrase. This lot includes art for a 1949 daily strip and a 1957 Sunday page. 6-1/8x21-7/8" thin artboard w/India ink original art for July 2, 1949 features four panels, w/Gordo practicing his lines, reciting lines from "Romeo And Juliet," causing Jorge to let him know that the doctor will be there first thing in the morning w/a straight jacket. Arriola has signed last panel. Third panel has printed UFS copyright. Back has blue pencil "Acting Like Crazy" handwritten title. Front has some margin aging and vertical crease at center. Art remains clean and Exc. 16.75x24" artboard w/India ink original art for March 3, 1957 has 12 panels (including rain cloud title w/inked "M.I. Bloo"pseudonym underneath. Cartoon features loud sounds on destruction coming from Arriola's studio, causing Chihuahua, pig and rooster to wonder what is going on. Apparently Arriola is having trouble coming up w/a joke, so the rooster tells a joke in bottom five panels, w/the three of them looking at "Gus Mud" signature in last panel, noting Arriola must have liked the joke as he signed his name to it. UFS copyright strip between panels. Vertical fold at center. Artboard has some margin aging but art remains clean and Exc. Nice examples.
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