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Auction #222 - Part 2
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Item Description
Daniel Clowes is an American cartoonist, graphic novelist, illustrator and screenwriter. Most of Clowes's work first appeared in "Eightball," a solo anthology comic book series that typically contained several short pieces and a chapter of a longer narrative that was later collected and published as graphic novels, including "Like A Velvet Glove Cast in Iron" and "Ghost World." Clowes' illustrations have appeared in "The New Yorker, Newsweek, Vogue, The Village Voice" and elsewhere. Clowes (w/filmmaker Terry Zwigoff) adapted "Ghost World" into a 2001 film and another "Eightball" story into the 2006 film "Art School Confidential." Clowes's comics, graphic novels and films have received numerous awards, including over a dozen Harvey and Eisner Awards as well as an Academy Award nomination. Offered here is 12-1/8x18.75" thin artboard w/Clowes' pen and ink original art for the cover to "Urban Legends" #1, published by Dark Horse Comics in June 1993 (and featuring art from Clowes' contemporaries like Evan Dorkin and Mike Allred). Cover has been completely hand done by Clowes, even including the Dark Horse logo, title and all publishing indicia at top (small correction paste-over to Canadian purchase price). Clowes is often noted for his offbeat depictions of oddball characters, and this art is no different. The cover features an illustration of a man about to bite into a misshapen piece of fried chicken, while onlookers fret in bkg., one man shouting "Good Lord! That Ain't Chicken - - It's A Batter-Fried Rat!" as the woman beside him appears to hold back oncoming sickness. Back has hand-lettered text reading "Return To Clowes" w/the artist's address. Artboard has been attached to foamcore w/two thin strips of cloth tape along extreme top margin and has thin cardboard matte for overall size of 16.25x22.75" and is ready for framing. Art displays NM. Clowes' art continues to climb in desirability and value. Covers are especially coveted and rarely come up for sale. This piece is bold and striking, presenting an exceptional example of his unique art style and sense of humor.

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