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Auction #222 - Part 1
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The Cox/Roosevelt jugate is considered the most iconic button among collectors of political campaign material. This 'holy grail' artifact is akin to the Honus Wagner T206 tobacco card or Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman. Of the six varieties in sizes from 5/8" to 1.25", four are unique or have populations under three known examples. These varieties have long been locked in major collections and the nine examples owned by the Cox family media empire are unlikely to ever change hands. We are aware of eight examples of the presently offered design all of which are cornerstone pieces of advanced collections not expected to be offered soon, including one in the Cox family holdings. Three are known to have condition issues making this offering one of only four potentially high grade examples known and likely the only one to be available to the many collectors seeking to complete their jugate collections. This example is arguably the most desirable of all potentially available specimens.

SPECIFICS: 13/16" w/W&H back paper. 1920. Hake #2011. Only trivial surface wear under magnification. NM displaying Mint. Perfect centering, impeccable construction and retaining full gloss. A magnificent example that is virtually unimprovable. An example in this high grade has not been offered in a decade and this specimen has been off the market for nearly a quarter century. High grade examples are rarely offered making this an opportunity for the savvy investor and/or advanced collector that will not soon be repeated.

Why are these buttons so rare? This is the question many collectors continue to ask and one that the community has never been able to fully answer. The best theory is that, given the Democrats 1920 low probability of victory combined with limited resources at the local level, no quantities of any variety were ever ordered, thus making all surviving examples likely samples issued by their manufacturers. This is supported by the fact that no more than three Cox/FDR jugates have been found together at one time and this with collectors scouring the country for them since the button first set a sales record selling for over $200 in 1964, an event that forever changed the hobby. Since then the Cox/FDR has maintained its iconic status. Many advanced collectors spend a lifetime in pursuit of any example in any condition viewing it as the last mile marker to having a 'great collection.' Opportunities to join the elite fraternity of Cox/FDR owners are few and far between with a chance to obtain a high-grade example being the penultimate achievement. If you have been waiting for such an opportunity, your moment now beckons.

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