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Auction #215 - Part II
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Item Description
Sheldon “Shelly” Moldoff (1920-2012) was known for his early work at DC Comics, as Bob Kane’s first assistant on Batman, then for his work on Hawkman and Hawkgirl. He was the co-creator of Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, the second Clayface, Batgirl, Batwoman and Bat-Mite. Comes with Hake’s COA. Charlie Roberts Collection. Lot includes 13 pieces total, all sent to Charlie Roberts. Dates range from 1991 to 2003. 10 letters are 8.5x11” w/first two typed on plain stationery, next eight handwritten on stationery w/Moldoff Batman and Hawkman art at bottom. All are signed “Shelly” in ink. Main content relates to doing specialty original art on consignment. Comes w/two small photocopies of portions of splash pages w/suggested changes.

Contents include -

July 24, 1991 Typed Letter Signed (TLS). Thanks for wonderful time at San Diego Con, “I Started Working With Bob Kane In 1939 And Did Inking, Backgrounds And Lettering, Just Breaking Into The Field Bob Being A Few Years Older Than I; Happy To Do Recreations -$200 For B/W- Full Color 14x18 $600."

Sept. 6, 1993 TLS w/ matching envelope. Enjoyed seeing Vin again (refers to early DC editor Vincent Sullivan, his meeting Dick Sprang “The Two Artists Who Are Responsible For More Batman Pages Than Any Other Artists."

Feb. 6, 1996 handwritten on Batman and Hawkman stationary. “Here It Is - The $100 Special - Enjoy.”

Sept. 9, 1997 handwritten on Batman and Hawkman stationary. “I Did Hear From Your Boss, Shirl And I Would Be Glad To See You In Florida.” Letter includes home phone number.

Oct. 7, 1997 handwritten on Batman and Hawkman stationary. “Enjoyed The company - Happy Holiday Season To You & Joan - All the best.” Signed in ink “Shelly and Shirl.”

Undated c. late 1990s handwritten on Batman and Hawkman stationary. “Re: Batman Drawings” w/descriptions. Both $200. Printed Batman figure has word balloon - Sincerely “Shelly And Shirl.” w/him saying “It’s Such A Fantastic Deal Shirl Ordered Two.“ Signed in ink “Shelly and Shirl” w/“Notice The Villains Name Ss Sheldon! I Worked With Kane On These Pages & Writers Very Often Stick Names Of Friends, Etc. Etc. In The Story - Spawn Is Always Sticking Al Simmons Name In The Stories.“ note below.

Undated c. late 1990’s handwritten on Batman and Hawkman stationary. “Enjoy - Thanks For The Order - Mid Ohio Con Went Well - Regards To And From - Happy Holidays.” Signed in ink “Sincerely Shelly and Shirl.” Comes w/full page color photocopy (as published) personal Christmas card w/self-portrait of Moldoff drawing on drawing board surrounded by numerous characters he worked on including Batman, Hawkman, The Flash, The Joker, Black Terror, Minute Mouse and Courageous Cat.

Undated c. 2001 handwritten on Batman and Hawkman stationary. Text details two different specialty drawings and has two different rough Batman sketches. One has Batman w/bats and moon in bkg. The other has him on rooftop w/logo at top. Prices are noted as $300 each. Signed w/“The Xmas Card Is The Tough One!” note at bottom.

Jan. 6, 2003 handwritten on Batman and Hawkman stationary. Has two different rough drawings of specialty art w/Batman. One is hand-titled “The Legend Of The Batman” based on early DC Comics splash page while the other shows him w/gun drawn. Priced at “$350 For Both Pieces (Will Take Real Estate But No Enron Stock).” Signed “All The Best Shelly.” Comes w/photocopy of Batman w/gun drawn. Moldoff has crossed out Bob Kane's name and added a slip of paper w/lines to block out original text.

Jan. 26, 2003  handwritten on Batman and Hawkman stationary. “Enclosed 2 Originals You Asked For - Enjoy - Sincerely Shelly.”

Lot also includes a photocopy as issued of the c. 2000 Christmas card Moldoff and wife Shirley sent to friends w/image of him at drawing board surrounded by numerous characters he worked on. A few minor handling creases, o/w lot is VF/Exc.
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