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Auction #232 Introduction

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That title sums up our latest auction. An offering of 2,381 items from early historical artifacts to a myriad of pop culture subjects that lead up to the present day. And the future is now as there has never been a better time to enjoy the hobby of collecting. Collectibles, once a niche concept, are now universally embraced and appreciated. We are seeing that in the quality of items being offered and the record prices being achieved on a routine basis. It is always our goal to offer you the best of the best, and I think we have certainly accomplished that with Auction #232.

The four items we have chosen to spotlight on our catalog’s front cover are sure to vie for the top of the prices realized list in this auction. Only at Hake’s can you get significant items for George Washington, Star Wars, Peanuts and Pokémon all in the same auction.

Leading off the auction is a George Washington endorsed promissory note from Oct. of 1767 for the purchase of four slaves. Any document signed by the most iconic founding father in reference to slavery is of supreme historical importance. Because this document relates to Washington’s “purchase” of William Lee (his personal valet throughout the American Revolution) makes it one of the most important Washington documents to come to market.

Comic book collectors have their Action Comics #1, baseball card collectors the T206 Honus Wagner and Star Wars collectors, the coveted Boba Fett rocket-firing protype figure. The L-Slot AFA 85 NM+ offered here leads an amazing Star Wars toy section. This recently uncovered and fresh to the market figure follows our previous two record breaking L-Slot 85 NM+ auction results of $86K in March 2018 and $112K in July 2019.

Collectors of Peanuts original art have much to choose from as Charles Schulz created daily and Sunday strips from 1950 to 2000. But the July 3, 1955 Sunday offered here has all the elevating factors to place it among the upper echelon of Schulz strip art. From early in the run, with great content and featuring Charlie Brown, Lucy and Snoopy in every panel. What more could you want? How about Snoopy (in his original design) thinking “Good Grief” out loud? Well, it has that too!

Pokémon. Not something that was even in Hake’s vocabulary a few years ago but is now always on the tip of our tongue, along with all of the collectible card game crowd. Collector demand is high, and we deliver with the auction debut of a previously unknown 1999 Shadowless Holographic uncut proof sheet that includes SEVEN Charizard cards. This is a definitive statement piece that will easily become the centerpiece of any CGC/TCG collection.

Four items covered, just 2,377 more to go. But rather than continue to wax poetic, I will just encourage you to look over all we have to offer in this auction. The right items are sure to speak to you and enhance your collection. We thank all of those that have bid in the past, wish luck to those bidding in the present and hope to see many more avid collectors in the future.

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