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The Scoop On Auction #207

By Ted Hake & Mike Bollinger

The 1986 book by Ted Hake and Russ King features 16 color pages showing 498 buttons chosen for their rarity, graphic appeal or iconic subject matter. Today, 485 of those buttons remain (with minor adjustments) and are available in total as Lot #1235. Many of the buttons are unique examples and many more are rare with less than five known in the hobby. The catalog shows 46 of the most interesting and rarest buttons. The website has full details about the 485 buttons that now comprise the collection as well as photos showing all 16 pages from the color section of the book. For the 46 buttons highlighted in this catalog, we provide either a value estimate or an actual (most recent) realized price if a different specimen was sold in a previous Hake’s Auction. Those prices total $37,421.00 for only 46 buttons. We feel the 485 buttons have a total value in the range of $100,000.00. This unique collection opens at $75,000.00.
Thumbnail - Click to zoom in ANOTHER ROUND OF RINGS
In Auction 207, we sold 48 rings ranging from $74.75 for a 1962 Astronaut John Glenn Friendship 7 plastic ring to $8855.00 for a 1941 high grade Superman Secret Chamber Brass Ring with Superman image on top. This range of prices, coupled with an 80 year time span and a multitude of characters, personalities and subjects, is one factor that makes “toy” ring collecting so popular today. Besides, many have fascinating features and they sure don’t require much space to display and enjoy. While we don’t quite have 48 pieces in this auction, we have upped the ante on rarity and quality. For example, we graded the Superman ring that realized $8855.00 as Very Fine. However, much to our surprise, we now offer a Near Mint example—one of the best two known as #1420. In addition, we offer two examples of the companion Superman ring with his image under the snap off top. #1421 has initial “M” and #1422 has, we believe, our first offered initial “E”. See the Table of Content for a full list, but don’t overlook these stand-outs: #1274 boxed 1930s Mickey Mouse, #1281 first Donald Duck, #1321 Howdy Doody flasher set, #1331 X-Men 10K gold with diamonds (1 of 25), #1377 Gene Autry rare Dell Comic eagle ring, #1384 high grade Hopalong Cassidy hat/compass ring, #1391 Tom Mix Deputy with much white gold on the upper half, Sky King rings #1398-1401 and in particular #1400 the Mystery Picture ring only example we’ve ever seen with BOTH images still clearly visible, #1405 a very nice example of the scarce Capt. Midnight Flight Commander war-years ring, #1415 an outstanding Near Mint Buck Rogers Repeller Ray ring plus the club manual, #1416 a gorgeous non-premium version of the Buck Rogers Cocomalt Initial Ring, #1425 a 99.8% Mint example of the Spider pulp magazine ring issued for Canadian readers and rarer than the U.S.A. version, #1426 beautiful example of the glow-in-dark crocodile bands Shadow ring from Carey Salt, #1427 one of only three known Valric of the Vikings rings, #1449 boxer Joe Louis rarity (best seen), #1455 rare Super Puff Popcorn ring version of the Sky King Magni-Glo Writing Ring, #1457 Tom Corbett set of 12, #1459 Space Patrol Hydrogen Ray Gun Ring, #1460 rare Space Patrol Cosmic Glow Rocket Ring and last from Monster Cereals #1461 the Fruit Brute Secret Compartment Ring.
Thumbnail - Click to zoom in GUM CARDS FULL BOX BONANZA
While the gum that was included in most gum card packs lasted about five minutes or has since long gone stale, the real importance of gum cards lays more with the “card” portion of the name. Sports stars have always had a place in card collectors’ hearts, and we have full display boxes of Topps football and basketball cards #1038-1041 and #1043-1044. Some of the highlights from our extensive Non-Sports card section (see items #2595-2677) include full display boxes for Dinosaurs #2659, Three Stooges #2662, The Untouchables #2666, The Munsters #2669 and Green Hornet #2670 just to name a few.
2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the cinematic adventures of James Bond. And this month sees the release of the 23rd James Bond film – Skyfall. Hake’s is honoring Agent 007 in this auction with many great collectibles. Highlights include – an extremely rare boxed example of the classic James Bond Attaché Case #2722, several Bond movie posters/lobby cards #2715-2721 from such films as Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball and Diamonds Are Forever. Additionally we are offering several Bond Corgi sets #2725-2729, a deluxe gold Aston Martin #2724, a Bond vs. Oddjob model kit #2723, and signed photos of the first two Silver Screen James Bonds – Sean Connery and George Lazenby #2714.
Our “small” political items lead off with a beautiful “full glory” George Washington 1789 Inaugural clothing button #143. We also include the second installment from the Senator Charles Dick Collection. Senator Dick, along with Mark Hanna, secured the presidency for William McKinley in 1896 and 1900. See those items as a Featured Collection on our website. Our section of wearable political items is particularly strong with so many seldom offered items, but we feel these deserve a special mention: #159 an outstanding Grant/Colfax uniface jugate ferrotype stickpin, #178 McKinley For Protection big litho tin shield, #197 the even bigger, massive 10” diameter McKinley/Roosevelt jugate button in spectacular condition, #211 McKinley classic “Do You Smoke? Yes-Since 1896” dinner pail button, #221 another classic McKinley eclipsing Bryan button, numerous great TR pieces but highlighted by #261 Roosevelt/Johnson 1912 Wisconsin cello jugate on ribbon badge, #281 the Taft great “Possum Billy” button, #285 rare Taft/Diaz 1909 Texas meeting button, two rare Wilsons, #293 “Stand By the President” and #296 “… One Hundred Million Strong,” #310 the famous Cox/Roosevelt jugate “Americanize America,” #315 the large, exceptionally rare, John W. Davis “Clarksburg,” #323 beautiful Coolidge/Dawes sepia jugate in large 1.5” size, #325 great cartoon Teapot Dome button from 1928 Democratic convention, #336 FDR/Garner “Return Our Country to the People” real photo jugate, #371 the rare 1936 cartoon button “Landon On The New Deal,” #372 big 3.5” Landon, #396-417 a big selection of Truman pieces, #418 rare 3.5” size of Vote Straight Stevenson/Sparkman jugate, #449 two pieces of Goldwater exceptional jewelry with flashers. In Hopefuls, we have not only #466 the ultra rare 1.25” “Huey Long For President” but also its 7/8” mate as #467. In Third Parties and Causes see the many Prohibition/Repeal items #473-487. A few final Cause highlights are: #489 Debs related “Carl Person Defense League,” #498 Bloody Friday memorial button, #495 a huge and amazing Western Federation of Miners ribbon badge, #517-520 Klan pieces including Hiram Evans lecture ticket, and Black Americana button rarities #521-528.
It took us five decades to offer collectors the first complete set of 154 Yellow Kid buttons. Now we offer the most pristine set known. See item #1255 for the details. The vast majority of the set was collected at the time of issue in 1896 as evidenced by the amazing glossy, brilliant color of the images plus the immaculate condition of those with back papers and the bright silver flashing on most of those with tin covered reverses. In addition, we offer a great selection of easel back varieties #1256-1261, clean groups of the lower numbers in the set items #1262-1265, and a select group of rarities, many our first singles to be offered in ten years or more, as items #1266-1271. Many of the numerous rare singles in the set now regularly realize $200-$700 which should be kept in mind when considering a bid on the “ultimate” set which has a conservative opening of $12,000.00. We also have a complete Yellow Kid Adams chewing gum card set, item #2595.
Thumbnail - Click to zoom in CHRISTMAS IS A COMIN’: GET YOUR SANTAS HERE
Our Santa buttons range from #690-706. There are instant collection multi-item groups #690-693 and seldom seen singles #694-706. Singles include #694 the early Victor & Co. rarity with Santa in American flag cap, #695 our 1st seen beautiful design for “Eagan’s,” #696-697 an early pair from Wanamaker’s of Philadelphia, #700-701 rare duo from Namm’s of Brooklyn, #702 from Rochester with Santa posed above five story department store, #703 rarity from Teco Store, #704 rare Santa in bi-plane, #705 rare 3.5” size of the more common Norcross 1.25” Santa and #706 a poignant rarity, 2.25”, from “The Observation Deck At The World Trade Center.”
Thumbnail - Click to zoom in BUTTONS IN SETS BONANZA PART II
Our fans of buttons issued in sets or those who enjoy instant collections, and there are many based on Auction 206 results, once again may pick and choose from diverse subjects and time periods. We lead off with Presidential sets #1-4 plus # 171. In numerical order additional choices are: #541 Perfection Cigarette beautiful ladies, #643-645 Jet planes and Sputnik era 1950s space buttons, #667 Steamship funnels and weather flags circa 1898 from High Admiral Cigarettes, #707 Jockeys circa 1898 from Little Jockey Cigarettes, #709 Cricket players circa 1900 from Cameo Cigarettes, #721 boxers from 1896, #729 baseball players 1910-1911 from Sweet Caporal Cigarettes, #742-743 White Sox players and rare order form, #744 Baseball teams with silver background and contest form from Crane’s 1965, #745 Baseball teams from late 1960’s, #786 extremely rare c.1896 world leaders from High Admiral Cigarette, #792 Birds 1930s full set, #793 States 1930s full set, #794 State Flowers 1930s (47 of 48), #834 Boer War leaders, #836 World War I (18 of 98). In the Entertainment categories are: #1237 Wizard of Oz 1967 full set, #1238 Oz 1967 plastic coins, # 1255 the “ultimate” Yellow Kid set (see separate Scoop entry), #1256-1271 Yellow Kid easels, groups and rare singles, #1289 Nightmare Before Christmas set, #1303 Western Theatre Premium cartoon characters, #1304 Kellogg’s Pep set of 86, #1305-1307 Comic Togs including ultra rare Capt. Midnight #1306, #1308 Shmoo full set, #1309 Terry And The Pirates full set, #1325 Flipper full set, #1348 Elvis gold records, #1353 rare circa 1904 actresses, #1355 Silent movie stars from Egyptian Oasis Cigarettes, and #1386 Hopalong Cassidy with dairy imprints.
Thumbnail - Click to zoom in COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU…
In the Golden Age of Hollywood, theater owners received various promotional materials to publicize the upcoming film season. The most elaborate of these were the exhibitor books, which included multiple advertisements for films to be released by a studio over the next year. Oftentimes the information presented within these books changed by the time the film came out. We are offering a great selection of these; see items #1498-1504, 1506-1514, 1516-1518, 1925, 1928 and 2468. These items were exclusive to theaters and had limited distribution. Some of the studios featured include – First National Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Gotham Productions, MGM, United Artists, Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, American Cinema Association (ACA), Pathé and German film company UFA.
After the success of last auction’s offerings of Marilyn Monroe’s personal effects (including a dress that sold for $15,180), we have acquired a few more items that were once owned by the 20th Century’s greatest sex symbol. This time we are offering her nightgown #1480, garter belt and stockings #1481, shoes #1482, a rhinestone bracelet #1483 as well as her purse and handkerchiefs #1484. Not to be overlooked is the autographed photo #1477 and a stunning Milton Greene Black Sitting photo #1478 and Bus Stop photos #1479 that were given to a young boy that Marilyn showed a liking to.
As a child, your lunchbox was a make or break deal. It had to be just right. Well in our current auction, the selection is more than just right. It’s been years since we’ve been able to offer a selection this impressive. Some of the highlights include - Toppie #979, Lost In Space #2512, Jetsons #1792, Dudley Do-Right #1789, Underdog #1790, two different Beatles lunchboxes and a vinyl brunch bag #2781-2783 and a box designed to look like a Volkswagen bus #987. For a full list, be sure to check out our “Lunchbox” spotlight section online.
We’ve outdone ourselves this auction when it comes to our Captain Action selection #2402-2425. We present an extensive amount of Captain Action material, including nearly all the vintage Captain Action offerings that were available on the market back in 1966-1967. This includes boxed first issues of Captain Action, Action Boy and the villainous Dr. Evil action figures, a scarce boxed example of the Silver Streak vehicle and outfits for Spider-Man, Captain America, The Phantom, Batman, Superman, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Buck Rogers and more, as well as various accessories sets.
Thumbnail - Click to zoom in PURPLE REIGN - THE PHANTOM WALKS AT HAKE’S
Every auction we try to offer a few collectibles produced for the comic hero The Phantom, but this auction we’ve outdone ourselves. Not only do we feature items in our regular Phantom section #2373-2376 that include a Multi Products figure, child’s costume, figural mug and model kit; we’re also offering a complete Phantom BLB set #1685, a near complete comic book run #1709, two button variations #1439-1440, The Phantom Captain Action outfit #2409, and even a rare Cuban x-rated card deck #1692 that features The Phantom in some rather compromising situations. A few other crossover items are listed online under the “Phantom” spotlight section.
Remarkable, in both quantity and rarity, we offer 104 items in 13 lots. 102 of these are from the Ira Reed Collection. Most items are the examples used in the photos for his 2007 book Collectors’ Guide to Virginia’s World’s Fair. After 50 years of dealing in world’s fair collectibles, what really impresses me is how few pieces I’ve seen before. There is a great selection in lots #761-771 of ribbon badges, enamel pins, watch fobs, metal badges, buttons and stickpins. In addition, we offer two of the most iconic Jamestown pieces. One is #52, the rare poster for the event that pictures Theodore Roosevelt and the other is the large choice color button #259 also showing TR. This event commemorated the 300th anniversary of the founding of the first permanent English settlement in North America. Now it’s 400 and counting…