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Bidding has ended for this item.
Winning Bid: $200.00
Bids: 1
Bidding Ended: September 10, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST
Auction: Auction #198 - Part II
Item numbers 500 through 1103 in auction 198.

Item Description

11.5x13.5x3.5” deep box contains 10.25x12.25x3.25” deep wooden tilt maze game with Batman specialty tray art. Pressman Toy Corp. ©1966 NPP, Inc. A variation on the classic tilt “maze” board features plastic maze with cardboard insert showing “Batman” comic book title logo, Batcave, Batman and Robin, Batmobile, Batplane as well as villains The Joker, Penguin and Riddler. Art closely resembles Batman comic book images of the mid-1960s. Game is complete with wire catcher, marble and instructions. Not often seen due to Pressman being a small toy company with low distribution. Hard to find. Gameboard insert has st. ripple but appears unused. Cloudy effect to plastic overlay but color remains strong. Exc. Great graphics. Box shows wear with .5” puncture on side panel, side panel showing aging. Fine. Rare, especially with box. The only other time we’ve offered this item in our 42 years, it sold for $612. (I - $400 to $700)

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