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Bidding has ended for this item.
Winning Bid: $275.00
Bids: 2
Bidding Ended: September 10, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT
Auction: Auction #198 - Part II
Item numbers 500 through 1103 in auction 198.

Item Description

Complete set of 8 empty boxes, each 2.5x3.75x1" deep by Phoenix Candy Co. Inc. 1966 NPP Inc. Each box front/back features a different numbered panel for a total of 16 different. Additional related images appear on right/left side panels while each top flap has illustration and instructions for making a "Batman Gadget Belt" out of these boxes. Characters featured along w/Batman and Robin are The Joker, The Bouncer, The Blockbuster Bandit, The Deathman, The Riddler, The Caveman, The Penguin, Carnado the Magician. These were sold in countertop boxes, 24 boxes per carton w/box numbered 3/4 being short packed (only one per carton) making a whole set difficult to complete. Tiniest traces of wear but a superb Exc. to Near Mint set. Our last set in slightly lesser condition sold for $460. (I - $400 to $700)

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