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Bidding has ended for this item.
Winning Bid: $258.75 (includes 15% Buyer's Premium)
Bids: 1
Bidding Ended: January 31, 2008 at 12:00 PM EDT
Auction: Auction 193 - Part II
Item numbers 800 though 2307 in auction 193.

Item Description

11.5" square by 2" deep contains 4-piece litho tin and painted tin train set marked "US Zone Germany 1950s." Sturdy box of heavy cardboard. Bottom contains all original inserts. Has slight wear to two of the stapled corners. Lid has large graphic applied label illustrating this style of engine emerging from tunnel in mountainous area. Lower portion of this applied label with no graphics has a few stains, not offensive. Fine. Sets consist of working wind-up engine with coal car, and two litho tin passenger cars with painted roofs marked "Made In US Zone Germany" and the maker's name "Bub." Set also contains 8 curved pieces of track. Original key is present which has the name "Bub" cast into it. Nice, well-made set typical of German post-War toy production. (H/I - $200 to $700)

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