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Auction Icon "BIG JOHN & SPARKY."

Bidding has ended for this item.
Winning Bid: $51.75
Bids: 3
Bidding Ended: April 20, 2005 at 1:00 AM EST
Auction: Auction #183 - Part I
Item numbers 1 through 1290 in auction 183.

Item Description

Lot of two buttons, one being a 2.5" litho with covered metal back and bar pin. This one reads "Official Member Big John & Sparky Club No. 1 KCA Walkers Spokane, Wash." Exc. paint and only example we've seen. Second is a 1.25" button showing character and reading "Marin-Dell's Sparky Club." This has copyright on curl "Arthur Sampson Enterprises." Copyright area has a few barely visible gray age dots but these don't show from the front which is bright, clean and glossy. c. late 40s and the Spokane button is Rare. (F - $75 to $100)

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